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Walking Tennis – Tennis for almost everyone!

Tennis can be a very fast and physical game and is an excellent sport for people of all ages to play and stay fit. However, this intensity can exclude many from taking up, or continuing to play the sport.

Walking tennis is an adapted version of the traditional game. All normal rules apply but with a few simple changes, which opens the game up to many more players by slowing things down.

  • - Low compression tennis balls are used to play
  • - There is the option of a second bounce
  • - The second bounce must land inside the court lines
  • - Running or jumping are not permitted
  • - Serving can be underarm or overarm
  • - “Doubles” play can involve more than two players on each side of the court.

This in no way makes walking tennis less exciting than the traditional game! Matches are just as competitive and all of the same tactics are employed.

A great sport for anyone to play and ideal for:

  • - Those with less mobility or speed on court
  • - Individuals with long term health conditions
  • - Recovering injured players
  • - Complete beginners

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Walking tennis
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Supported by Wychavon District Council, our aim is to help anyone who wants to get active pick up a racket and have a go!

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